Lace, Sequin, and Quilted Appliques

Steps for Lace Applique
Steps for Sequined Applique
Steps for Quilted Applique

Each picture above will link to the individual steps for each different applique. My goal overall for each project was to have the back look just as neat and clean as the front of each applique and I think I accomplished that goal. They each required a little bit different technique with hand stitching (basting, whip stitch, etc) but I enjoyed the process of attaching them to the base fabric.

If I were to do something differently it would have been to have chosen a different base fabric, for the quilted flower (the black and gray floral). The weave of the cotton was very tight and when I stitched the gray petals onto the black fabric it wasn’t very easy because of that tight weave. I switched my needle part way through to a smaller sharper needle and that helped tremendously.

For the Owl sequined applique, I like the black outline, but if I was putting this on the back of a garment, pillow, or a bag I would sew it on differently and cut the black mesh outline off. I would sew it on using clear thread through every other gold sequin hole on the outer edge of the gold sequins.